Issue 1 June 2019

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Scomo routs Labor, the Green, GetUp and the left-wing media

The victory of Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who single-handedly led the Liberal Party to victory on May 18, will go down as the greatest win since Labor’s Paul Keating defeated John Hewson 25 years ago.

CANBERRA OBSERVED Surprise! Polls aren’t what they used to be

The 2019 election will be a watershed for decades to come, but in the meantime there is going to have to be some deep soul-searching inside the Labor Party about its identity, its constituency, and its ideology.

GENDER POLITICS The true cost of childhood gender reassignment

Answers to questions asked in Western Australia’s Parliament have revealed that 59 adolescents received Stage 2 medical intervention for childhood gender dysphoria at Perth Children’s Hospital in 2018 – treatment that is at best experimental and at worst medically negligent.