Issue 10 Feb 2018

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Blackouts due to closure of coal-fired power stations

The consequences of the closure of the Northern Power Station in South Australia in 2016, and the 1600-megawatt Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria last year were starkly revealed during the heatwave that struck south-eastern Australia on January 27–29. In Victoria, where power blackouts are unprecedented, some 95,000 homes were without power for periods during Sunday January 28 and Monday January 29. Read More 

The left’s appetite for change can’t be satisfied

It should not come as a surprise that the success of the campaign to redefine marriage and Parliament’s subsequent endorsement of gender-fluid marriage have been quickly followed by the ramping up of a debate about the nation’s national day of celebration. Read More 

The Four Ideologies of the 21st century: Transgenderism, Libertarianism, cultural and Economic, and Radical Environmentalism

In 1992, Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History, an epitaph to communism. He mistakenly believed that the world was entering a new age where democracy and capitalism would create ongoing prosperity, a peaceful world without the great ideological conflicts that were so destructive in the 20th century. Read More