Issue 16 Dec 2017

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The meaning of Christmas

As we approach Christmas, our thoughts turn from the mundane activities of daily life to higher things: the celebration of Christmas with family and friends, the upcoming holidays, and, perhaps, the meaning of Christmas itself, when we celebrate the birth of a child in one of the distant corners of the Roman Empire, just over 2000 years ago. Read More

Parliamentary stampede tramples freedoms

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared that he cherished religious freedom even above the rights of same-sex couples to marry, many people took him at his word. Read More

Palliative care remains the true solution

Victoria has become the first Australian jurisdiction to legally empower doctors to intentionally kill a patient or to provide a patient with the means to kill themselves. Read More

The more Zimbabwe changes, the more it stays the same

The overthrow of Zimbabwe’s tyrannical dictator, Robert Mugabe, is the result of a power struggle within the ZANU PF political party, not the restoration of democracy in this troubled country. Read More