Issue 18 May 2019

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Green energy policies freeze out the poor

The increase in renewable energy (solar and wind) has pushed up electricity prices and, inevitably, increased the number of disconnections of poor families who cannot afford the rising price of electricity.

Majors fling barrels of pork in the way of disillusioned voters

When you cut through all the campaign bleating of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison, it is clear that not only does neither of the major parties have a positive vision for Australia, but that their policies will actually add to the high cost of living, unemployment and the decline in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Religious freedom will be suffocated if ALP elected

It is a sad reality that in Australian law there is an absence of strong protections for freedom of belief. Indeed, as some leading lawyers have commented, religious freedom has been reduced to tenuous exemptions in anti-discrimination laws introduced since the 1980s.

If independents rule in House, stability is a goner

Should the May 18 election end up being a close result, the outcome of a gaggle of independents and minor party members controlling the House of Representatives looms as an unwelcome prospect.

The wheels come off Tesla’s electric dream

After years of over-promising and under-delivering, America’s latest technology darling, Tesla, now has a highly uncertain future.