Issue 18 Nov 2017

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Full audit can end dual-citizenship fiasco

This issue of News Weekly went to press before the results of the national postal vote on “same sex marriage” were released. Read More 

High Court high handed to ‘foreigners’ in Parliament

For Malcolm Turnbull, the most prominent Republican in Federal Parliament, the High Court’s recent decision on citizenship has become an albatross around his neck. Read More 

Auto industry loss result of government policy failure

The closure of Holden’s Elizabeth plant on October 20, 2017, ended automotive mass production in Australia for the foreseeable future. This date marks one of the blackest days in the nation’s industrial history and the flow-on effects of this closure will entail the loss of up to 50,000 jobs and the businesses that provided them. Read More 

Financing infrastructure for development and jobs

Since the mining investment boom ended in 2013, growth in the Australian economy has been largely driven by house and apartment building activity. Read More