Issue 19 May 2018

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The real cost of institutionalised child care

Former Prime Minister John Howard has condemned claims that family tax benefits (FTBs) are “middle-class welfare”, lambasting both the Coalition and Labor governments for cutting the $19 billion-a-year payments to families with children.

AGL dismisses $250m bid for Liddell Power Station

Despite having acquired the Liddell Power Station from the New South Wales government at no cost in 2014 and operating it profitably for the past four years, the vertically integrated energy company, AGL, is refusing an offer of $250 million from Alinta Energy to buy the plant. AGL plans to shut the plant in 2022.

As Queensland transgenders birth certificates, 300 women quit UK Labour Party

As the Queensland Government moves to allow men to self-identify as women, 300 angry women have quit the British Labour Party over guaranteeing transgender male-to-females on the party’s All-Women Shortlist.

No pressure on Malcolm to call election this year

A decision on the date of the next election will be at the forefront of Malcolm Turnbull’s mind from budget night onwards, with speculation about an early election a constant reminder in his ear from the political commentariat.

Bill Shorten’s Budget-Reply speech: for what ails you

Bill Shorten’s Budget-in-Reply speech in Thursday night, May 10, encapsulated a simple game plan – the pitting of one Australian against another in order to get elected.