Issue 2 June 2018

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The Greens: the political equivalent of bilgewater

The Australian Greens’ federal party platform needs close scrutiny, especially when outlandish claims and radical ideology form the basis of some truly bizarre policies.

Malaysian election sends shockwaves across South-East Asia

The election of a coalition government headed by retired Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad marks the end of 61 years of one-party government in Malaysia, a rejection of corruption, and a clear signal that the people of Malaysia want a new direction for the predominantly Muslim country.

Transgender playing in women’s football league gains attention

The AFL decision to let a trans male-to-female play in the Victorian Football League Women’s (VFLW) competition has created considerable controversy.

Beyond tomorrow a bridge too far for politicians to plan

The brutal political reality of the 2018 Budget for the Coalition and indeed for the Labor Opposition is that neither side can think further out than a political term, let alone a decade into the future.