Issue 20 April 2019

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Budget 2019: The dark side of ‘back in the black’: no vision

The Federal Government’s 2019 Budget was framed with two things in mind: to establish the government’s economic credentials by returning the Budget to surplus for the first time since the Howard government in 2007; and to enhance the Government’s political fortunes in the run-up to the May general election.

How to navigate the voluntary assisted ‘dying’ process

When the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Act was debated, it was presented as a private choice made by the individual patient, who is facing death within months and suffering intolerably, in consultation with their doctor.

ALP abortion policy blithely tramples all our consciences

The Federal ALP’s announcement in March that it will tie public hospital funding to the provision of abortion will endanger the freedom of health practitioners to decline to assist in abortions and ultimately raise the number of pre-born babies being killed annually in Australia.

Will Artificial Intelligence do the walking for you?

For many people, innovation in the ways of participating in and the organising of productive activity is always seen as a threat to the tenuous equilibrium of their economic lives, and indeed it has been. While inno­vations will always find support from those who can benefit from them, they will usually be resisted by those whose trades and occupations are at risk of being destroyed by them.