Issue 20 October 2018

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Internal strife at Fortress ABC

It was highly revealing that The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the forced resignation of the ABC chairman under the heading “Politics”, given that the ABC is an organisation whose charter requires it to be independent, accurate and impartial.

The state is separating children from families

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently tweeted, “we don’t need ‘gender whisperers’ in schools”, he should have been congratulated, not attacked, for alerting parents to how governments are interfering in Australian families.

Liberals are bare favourites for Wentworth

In the upcoming by-election for Malcolm Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth, Prime Minister Scott Morrison won’t be making the same mistake Mr Turnbull did in the lead-up to the recent “Super Saturday” by-elections. Then the former PM allowed expectations to run that he might actually win one or possibly two of the Labor seats that were up for grabs.

Sugar growers are getting burned on churned-up playing field

The plight of sugarcane farmers Margaret and Max Menzel is indicative of the experience of many cane farmers since the disastrous policy of deregulation of the sugar industry.