Issue 22 September 2018

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COVER STORY Water, water everywhere, but not for the farmers
In this and the next edition of News Weekly, Neil Eagle will focus on three areas of national urgency. This week the topic is water allocation and food security. Next time the topics will be: reliability and affordability of electricity; and energy security.
EDITORIAL Power companies in clover after closures
AGL, Origin Energy and Energy Australia admit rising prices are due to closures of coal-fired power stations
CANBERRA OBSERVED Liberals in need of an internal peacemaker
That politics is a tough game is no excuse for bullying behaviour towards women MPs
ENERGY Solar, wind dependence will add $1300 to power bills, engineers, scientists warn
A paper sent to federal government ministers, shadow ministers and premiers by a group of engineers and scientists has warned of major price hikes for energy users if wind and solar energy keeps replacing baseload power.
LIFE ISSUES Queensland life march busts media stereotypes
There was something markedly different about Brisbane’s second March for Life of 2018 – different from any other pro-life march throughout Australia as far back as a millennial such as this writer can remember.