Issue 23 March 2019

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Federally, the pro-family voter is starved for choice

The quandary facing the socially conservative, pro-family and pro-Australian voter at the coming federal election is a difficult one, with no obvious answer and no certain outcome even if they can find a party aligned with at least some of their views.

Hundreds of years of oil and gas reserves; if we want to use them

Could the vast oil shale and gas shale reserves discovered in Australia, rivalling those of the United States, mean that Australia could be self-reliant in fuel/energy needs?

For politicians: lessons from Europe’s emerging pro-family parties

With the federal election due soon, Australian politicians could heed the example of political parties winning government in parts of Eastern and Western Europe on pro-family economic platforms.

Four Corners: the third trial of Cardinal Pell

Since the suppression order on reporting the trial of Cardinal Pell was lifted, there has been extensive commentary in the media. Cardinal Pell has been referred to as a convicted paedophile.

Same old same old in our beloved sunburnt country

The “worst in living memory” is a phrase the media has taken to using to describe the severity of recent damaging weather, be it drought, flood, storm or heatwave.