Issue 23 Sept 2017

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Labor’s vision for a transgender world

The Labor Party National Platform provides a stark vision of what Australia would look like under a Bill Shorten Labor government.

Liddell closure: acid test for Turnbull

Faced with soaring power prices, a warning by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) that eastern Australia faces the prospect of power blackouts as early as next summer, and a long-term crisis over the projected closure of AGL’s Liddell Power Station in the NSW Hunter Valley in 2022, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for continued power generation from the plant for at least another five years.

We risk turning our doctors into death dealers

We’re told repeatedly that having the “option” for an early death by way of a lethal dose or a lethal injection will help our medical professionals talk more openly to their patients about their medical situation and their eventual death. This is a slur upon the medical profession.

Harvested Alive: killing Falung Gong in China

The recent film, Harvested Alive, documents the latest chapter in the dark history of persecution perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party against its own people.