Issue 24 Feb 2018

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Weatherill demand places Murray-Darling in jeopardy

The decision by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2012 to take an additional 450 gigalitres “up water” from the Murray Darling catchment and send it down the rivers “for the environment” has been a costly exercise in political posturing that can deliver no benefits. Read More

China completes island building in South China Sea

The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) has published a report showing that China has virtually completed the building of a series of fortified air and naval bases on reclaimed reefs and atolls not far from Indonesia and the Philippines in the South China Sea. Read More

Greens: wouldn’t know a cowardly act if they did one

Freshly minted New South Wales Liberal Senator Jim Molan could not have asked for a more rapid propulsion into the public consciousness courtesy of a Greens attack on him that has misfired spectacularly. Read More

Government forms say it is fluid gender marriage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Attorney-General’s Department have made it clear that changing the Marriage Act to allow “two people” to marry delivered gender-fluid marriage, not just same-sex marriage. Read More