Issue 26 January 2019

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The Natural Family as an integrative social force in American history

The author of this paper, Professor Allan C. Carlson, is one of the United States’ leading commentators on the natural family in society. He delivered this paper to a gathering of the oldest cultural-scientific institution of Serbia, Matica Srpska (founded in 1826), on September 18, 2018. Professor Carlson reveals fascinating details about the role of the family in the history of the United States, much of which will be new and full of lessons for Australian observers. Read More

The Remnant, resistant, creative minority

Donald Trump could win a second term as U.S. president in 2020 against deep opposition from the establishment and the progressive left. Read More

Enough hot air about carbon dioxide; let’s talk LPG

With all the nonsensical effort and taxpayers’ money being expended to reduce harmless carbon-dioxide emissions, is it time for the Federal Government to revisit subsidising conversions of vehicles to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which will actually help reduce harmful emissions? Read More