Issue 28 July 2018

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The Strange Case of the Vanishing Safe Schools Resources

The opposition to Safe Schools continues to grow. The strange thing is that the more the media coverage of the Safe Schools program exposed, the contents of the resources and what information and advice students were being exposed to through recommended websites, the more, slowly but surely, those contents were cleaned up to make the exposure look like a “myth”.

By-elections will test Shorten’s ‘politics of envy’ strategy

The by-elections to be held in five federal seats on July 28 will tell whether the electorate buys Bill Shorten’s “politics of envy”, but the signs are that most people will reject it.

A modest proposal for Australia’s regional security

Bipartisan agreement on new federal legislation to deter Beijing’s interference in Australian politics and economy is necessary and welcome. However, far greater defence spending and investment in developing our Pacific island neighbours will also be necessary to secure Australia’s sovereignty.

Odds are that Labor won’t Albo Bill aside

Labor’s problem going into the next federal election is to what degree Bill Shorten’s unpopularity with voters will risk the party’s chances of winning government on the back of strong and persistent electoral momentum in favour of Labor.

NEG papers over crisis behind energy price hikes

It takes character to do what’s right and it takes courage to disagree with your peers.