Issue 3 November 2018

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COVER STORY What religious freedoms does the Government propose removing?

During the Wentworth by-election campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced his intention to remove protections for the freedoms of faith-based schools to select students in relation to a student’s sexual orientation, that is, their heterosexual or gay or lesbian sexual orientation.

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Regions are in no state to accommodate immigrants

With 85.7 per cent of Aust­ralia’s 2.3 million immigrants between 2006–16 choosing to live in the capital cities, the Federal Coalition Government has flagged a population package to entice or force migrants to live in the regions to ease congestion and infrastructure deficiencies in the cities.

CANBERRA OBSERVED Wentworth swing least of Morrison’s worries

The blame game over who is responsible for the calamitous result in Wentworth will continue for some time, but the Coalition faces a more existential question over the seemingly impossible task of how to marry the diverse constituencies represented by the Liberal and National parties.

CLIMATE CHANGE Good science contradicts IPCC’s two-degree panic

The latest report of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) demanding an end to the use of coal for electricity production to stop runaway global warming, is contradicted by reliable scientific studies on the world’s climate.