Issue 30 June 2018

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COVER STORY NSW electricity grid now at ‘crisis point’

Severe power shortfalls have hit New South Wales for the first time, as the impact of the closures of coal-fired power stations in South Australia and Victoria is compounded by maintenance issues at power stations in NSW.

EDITORIAL China’s pivotal role in Trump-Kim summit

While media coverage of the Singapore summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has focused on the idiosyncrasies of President Trump and the apparent lack of detail in the published agreement, there has been an almost complete blackout on the pivotal role of China in bringing about this meeting and how this meeting fits into the context of China’s growing role in the world.

CANBERRA OBSERVED Throwing our 8¢ in the ring over sale of ABC

The great irony about the Liberal Party’s provocative proposal to sell the ABC is that no one would be remotely interested in buying it.

OPINION Why populism has become popular among the populace

Few words in contemporary political discourse elicit the hostility provoked by the word “populism”. To be populist, according to the prevailing intellectual fashion, is to be backward-looking, anti-intellectual and xenophobic.