Issue 4 May 2019

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What counts is who you have in your corner

The recent turnaround in fortunes for the Coalition has been remarkable, but it masks an underlying intergenerational shift in the Australian community that will in all likelihood still install Bill Shorten into the Lodge in a few weeks’ time.

The ALP’s climate policies will devastate our very way of life

While the Government’s climate-change policy is wreaking havoc on jobs and the cost of living, the federal ALP’s “Climate Change Action Plan” goes much further and will gravely damage every Australian’s way of life.

Political unrest over man-made drought in Murray-Darling Basin

“Old farms, new farms, small and large are closing every week. Regional businesses and towns are in crisis,” a Victorian farmer told me.

Labor to people traffickers: “We are open for business”

Because of the extraordinary success of the Coalition Government since 2013 in stopping the trafficking of boat people to Australia, the issue is unlikely to figure highly in the current election campaign, despite the fact that over 300,000 illegal immigrants are currently living in Indonesia.

Tiny PhD study used to assess live sheep trade

The lamb and sheep industry is an important component of Australia’s economy. In 2015–16, Australia’s lamb industry made up approximately 6 per cent of agricultural production and 4 per cent of agricultural export income. Many farming families rely on the lamb industry, and have prospered due to increasing demand both locally and overseas.