Issue 6 April 2019

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COVER STORY The NSW election and our incredible shrinking farming sector

The loss of long-time National Party seats in the New South Wales election begs the question: what is going on in the rural sector?

The pervasive and pernicious online porn epidemic

After the Christchurch massacre, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for social media companies to restrict extremist views and content being posted online. The footage of the shooting is grotesque, but just as pernicious is the effect that increasingly violent and degrading sexual acts present in pornography, so easily accessible online, have upon all of society.

NSW: Liberals re-election gives a boost to Morrison

The return of the Coalition government in New South Wales, led by Premier Gladys Berejiklian, marks the end of a Labor surge that saw the return of the Andrews Government in Victoria and the election of a Labor government in Western Australia.

Judge treats Cardinal Pell to a spot of ‘open justice’

The sentencing of Cardinal George Pell to a term of imprisonment of six years following his conviction on five counts of sexual abuse of minors was telecast live across Australia and, in fact, around the world.

Coffers are full but Treasurer will take spending cautiously

Josh Frydenberg was to deliver his first and possibly last budget as Federal Treasurer on Tuesday, April 2, just after this edition of News Weekly went to print, and it was expected that he would showcase the Coalition’s strongest suit: economic management.