Issue 8 September 2018

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Caution with gender transitioning: children’s futures at risk

“Transphobia has a body count.”

Turnbull the architect of his own demise

Across the community, there is a deep sense of unhappiness over the internal conflict that saw the replacement of another Prime Minister by his own colleagues, the fourth time it has happened in Australia over the past nine years.

Coal-Hand ScoMo pulls off an accidental coup

How is it that the one name omitted from Scott Morrison’s new ministerial line-up was the one politician on the conservative side of politics who would be most effective in taking on Bill Shorten and denying Labor government at the coming election?

Daniel Andrews’ sun worship turns delusional

In the world according to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, the way to fix the problem of renewable energy pushing up electricity prices is for all Victorian taxpayers, especially the poor, to subsidise more renewables.

The Victorian ALP observed from up close

The Victorian ALP has recently been in real disarray and now has a surreal air about it. The factional battle in Victoria between the Socialist Left (Kim Carr), Labor Unity (LU) (Bill Shorten/Stephen Conroy), now split into two factions, the Adem Somyurek (who is he?) Moderates, the Shoppies (SDA) and the renegade industrial left (CFMEU) faction, was getting out of control, with the more feral elements of all the groups tearing up stability pacts.