Issue 9 February 2019

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Running on nearly empty: fool’s gamble with fuel reserves

Since the revelation in March last year that Australia’s national security could be threatened by the fact that the country has fuel reserves of just 43 days’ supply, (see also: “Steam rail backup could get us out of hot water”, News Weekly, July 28, 2018) the Federal Government has dragged its feet on rectifying this untenable situation.

The challenges are really hitting home in 2019

Australia faces a broad range of challenges in 2019 and beyond. The political challenges reflect deeper conflicts fracturing the nation’s cultural cohesion.

Coalition’s female deficit is more apparent than real

If it weren’t enough that the Coalition is already facing a seemingly insurmountable battle to win the coming election, Labor is intent also on “weaponising” the Coalition’s lower proportion of women in the Parliament to convince the public that the Liberal and Nationals have a women problem.

200,000 Victorians left powerless in heatwave

For the second year running, thousands of Victorian households and businesses have faced blackouts during summer heatwaves, following the closure of the 2,000-mega­watt base-load Hazelwood Power Station in 2017.