Issue 9 March 2019

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Commissioner Hayne offers banking stimulus

In his three-volume report on misconduct in the financial services industry, Royal Commissioner Kenneth Hayne repeatedly pointed to a failure in the banks’ culture as a reason for misconduct that included premature bank foreclosures, selling financial services that were clearly unnecessary, taking money from the accounts of deceased customers, and not providing financial services for which customers had paid.

Beijing’s warning shot hits our soft economic underbelly

Beijing’s sudden restrictions on our coal exports are a warning about Australia’s over-reliance on exports to China and over-reliance on imported Chinese manufactured goods due to the loss of Australia’s industries.

Coal ban just one front in Beijing’s war on everyone

The decision by Beijing to block Australian coal ships at some of its ports is a concerning sign – of the present state of relations between the two countries but also of possible things to come for our economy as an increasingly emboldened China seeks to flex its muscles at lack of cooperation from key trading partners.

Another freedom bites the dust under Daniel Andrews

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has released a media statement relating to so-called “gay conversion therapy”, promising to outlaw therapies offered to people with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Activist groups harass farmers while claiming tax-exempt status

The legitimacy of several animal-activist groups’ registered charity status has been called into question after a group called “Aussie Farms” produced a website featuring an interactive map drawing attention to farms, and some activist groups engaged in illegal activities including trespass, theft and endangering Australian biosecurity.