Issue 9 Sept 2017

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Our unsafe schools are putting students at risk

With a rapid rise in the number of children being sexually assaulted in Australian schools, why is no one questioning whether school programs and policies are actually contributing to the increase?

Turnbull needs a circuit breaker or he’s a goner

Although the next federal election is over a year away, the omens for the Federal Government are looking distinctly bad. The latest Newspoll shows that the Coalition is trailing the ALP 46 per cent to 54 on a two-party preferred basis and, if an election were held today, the Government would lose around 20 seats.

‘What’s the question?’ is the crucial question

From September 12 every Australian on the electoral roll will start receiving their voting slips for the same-sex marriage postal survey being conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, without actually knowing what they will be voting for.

Beijing applauds jailing of Hong Kong activists

Following an appeal launched by Hong Kong’s prosecutor’s office, Hong Kong’s Court of Appeal has imprisoned 11 student activists who had been convicted of participation in an illegal assembly, and three student leaders of the Umbrella Movement who were involved in a separate protest at the Legislative Council precinct against government attempts to restrict democracy.