Issue 7 April 2018

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Free trade agreements leave us even more dependent on China

Trade is in the headlines with Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports and on imported steel, a reaction to decades of trade deficits and the loss of American industry and jobs. Read More

Why Russia re-elected Vladimir Putin

Western media reports denouncing the overwhelming re-election of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia have alleged that Putin won because of ballot rigging and corruption. Read More

Empty seat last vestige of minor parties’ party

It looks like Australia’s love affair with minor parties may have reached its peak if the results of recent state and by-elections are any guide. Read More

Liberals take power but plan for none for SA

The headline result of the South Australian election was a resounding win for the Liberal Party, which won a clear majority of 25 seats (at the time of writing) in the 47-seat House of Assembly, with Labor winning just 18. Independents are expected to hold the remaining four seats. Read More