Issue 24 March 2018

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Media ensure a comfy rise for Bill Shorten

Although Australia’s economy in 2018 is cruising forward with rising prosperity and declining unemployment, the Turnbull Government cannot take a trick. Read More

Can Liberals’ broad church survive schism?

Last year the Liberal Party celebrated the 75th anniversary of Robert Menzies 1942 “Forgotten People” speech, recognised today as the great clarion call for the party’s foundation just a few years later. Read More

Middle-East time bomb: youth unemployment

With 30 per cent of their populations under the age of 30 and 5 million young people with high literacy rates entering their labour markets annually, the biggest problem facing North-African and Middle-Eastern nations is youth unemployment. Read More

Europe’s freeze further proof of global warming!

For weeks, Europe and North America have been in the grip of an icy freeze that has caused snow to fall as far south as Greece and southern Italy, and across much of the United States. Such events are not unknown, but usually happen earlier than March, the beginning of spring. Read More