Issue 21 Oct 2017

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Reality of family unit must underlie tax system

There is an enormous disconnect at the heart of Australian society that is rarely acknowledged by Australia’s established political, bureaucratic, business and community leaders.

Christianity today: the challenges ahead

The muted commemorations marking the 500th anniversary of the commencement of the Protestant Reformation, officially dated to October 31, provide an occasion to reflect on the role of Christianity today in our society, and more broadly, throughout the world.

Xenophon: a Mr Fixit or a political yo-yo?

While there have been many big name independent senators in Australian politics over the past couple of decades, no one has successfully grabbed the limelight on so many diverse issues as Nick Xenophon.

Science elbowed aside in rush for latest silver bullet: ‘medical marijuana’

Although serious questions remain unanswered concerning the efficacy and safety of “medicinal marijuana”, the Federal Government in March granted the first licence to an Australian company to grow and harvest marijuana for medicinal purpose.

Victoria’s death bill: questions that need answers

An assisted-suicide/euthanasia bill has been introduced into Victoria’s Legislative Assembly. But the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 raises even more questions than it contains “safeguards”.