Transgender: one shade of grey

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About the book:
Patrick J. Byrne’s new book delves into the push for transgender “rights” and how the law was changed in Australia in 2013 so that transgenders could now legally access those areas previously set aside for the opposite sex and criminalised denying transgenders access to facilities ordained for the opposite sex.

TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey is a masterful critique of the transgender revolution and why the biological fact of male and female needs to be restored into law.



Patrick Byrne finds that, the more the term gender identity is examined, the more it becomes uncertain, ambiguous and contradictory and leads into deep legal and cultural conflicts. The more the transgender world view is protected in law, the more people are threatened with legal, professional and cultural sanctions if they insist on recognising the biological fact that human beings are either male or female.

At the same time, the more laws and governments insist on gender-neutral language, gender-neutral toilets and sports in the cause of “diversity”, the more we are treated uniformly, same-same, as one shade of grey.

The author critiques the assumption behind transgender world view, that there is no human nature, raising the question: if there is no common human nature, how can there be universal human rights? This book poses deep and disturbing questions about the effect of gender identity politics on ordinary people and our democracy.

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Wilkinson Publishing, 2018.